Music, lyrics and book by Adam Overett

My Life is a Musical


Yiddish-prone Cardinal Bergenstein

mute, unitard-wearing Cardinal Fouette

trollish tyrant Cardinalissimo Francisco Franco

unflappable, non-Asian-looking Cardinal Hu-Jin Chao

eager, boyish Cardinal McCafferty

foul-mouthed Jersey skank Cardinal Robin

oversexed Southern belle Cardinal St. Louis

shy Aussie Cardinal Wallaby

The Pope is dead. The Cardinals gather in the Sistine Chapel, where they will compete in a series of grueling “Papal Challenges” to choose the new Pope. For whom will the white smoke rise?

No one has ever seen what happens in the papal conclave…until now. The backbiting. The forbidden love. The sacrilege. The song-and-dance.

Cardinals Gallery

But I am human,
and this I can do:
For now and always,
I can love.

Parker & JT

The Songs


News of the Pope’s death spreads around the world.

This Pope

Cardinalissimo Franco explains the rules of the papal competition.

Love M'Jaysus

St. Louis preaches the gospel about her beloved Son of God.

I Love You Always

McCafferty tries to figure out what it means to love as Jesus did.

Look at That Pope!

Robin reveals the real reason she seeks the papacy.

Don't Cast Me Out

A grief-stricken McCafferty, struggling with his faith and terrified for his soul, prays to God.