Adam & Vadim Feichtner in rehearsal

Hear 2019 Tony winner Stephanie J. Block {The Cher Show} sing “My Sky”

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DEC 14, 2019 – Ars Musica Chorale premieres “Welcome”

The Ars Musica Chorale of New Jersey, under the direction of Brian Mummert, premieres my brand new song “Welcome,” a tribute to the Statue of Liberty, inspired by the Statue and by the Emma Lazarus sonnet celebrating her, “The New Colossus.” The song is from the perspective of an immigrant sailing into port, seeing the Statue for the first time, imagining her words of welcome; and then turning to face back outward to the ocean, to welcome other new immigrants along with the Statue. Heather Jones, mezzo-soprano, sings the solo, accompanied by members of the Young Artist program and players from Ars Musica’s Festival Holiday Brass Ensemble.

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