The Double-
Threat Trio

Music, lyrics and book by Adam Overett

My Life is a Musical

“THE DOUBLE-THREAT TRIO offers the equivalent of a delectable dessert: it’s sweet, light, and pretty much guaranteed to give you a little dopamine kick.” – The Pittsburgh Tatler

“I was cackling in my seat…you’re guaranteed to love it!” – Pittsburgh in the Round

To make it on Broadway, you have to be a triple-threat — you have to sing, dance AND act. Nina sings, but can’t act to save her life. Kenny dances, but can’t sing a note. And Jamison, a classically trained actor, can barely point his toes. But together…they can be a star! When they team up with legendary theater diva Millicent (a writer / director / producer / choreographer / designer / stage manager), they’re off and running toward the opening night of their dreams.

THE DOUBLE-THREAT TRIO received its world premiere production at Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera in February-April 2019.

Directed by Scott Weinstein. Starring (in photos below): J. Alex Noble as Jamison, Drew Leigh Williams as Nina, Jerreme Rodriguez as Kenny, Michelle Duffy as Millicent.

He May Be Blind

Now I see!
I can’t do it all alone,
Now I see! No one’s perfect on their own…

"Oed! The Musical"

The Songs

Actor / Singer / Dancer (Excerpt); Together We're a Star

by Andy Grotelueschen, Ashley Blanchet, Antwayn Hopper | Our heroes meet for the first time, and a plan starts to form.

I Wear Many Hats

by Beth Leavel | Our "double-threat trio" needs just one thing: an actual show they can do. When they find Millicent, a mysterious former producer (they think?) living out retirement in her glamorous townhouse, it looks like they've got it. But there's more ...

Front and Center

by Andy Grotelueschen, Ashley Blanchet, Antwayn Hopper | Our heroes, frustrated by the ensemble project they've committed to, each hunger for fame and fortune -- their own.

Shy Girl

by Antwayn Hopper, Ashley Blanchet, Andy Grotelueschen | Nina, who needs to learn to act in order to say one line in the show, takes a lesson from Jamison, who guides her to use her own past experiences.

Just Dance

by Antwayn Hopper, Ashley Blanchet, Andy Grotelueschen | When Jamison scoffs at Kenny's art form ("It's just dance!"), it catapults Kenny back to memories of his childhood, when he flung himself into his passion for dance in order to escape his scornful mother.

Medley From "OED! The Musical"

by Beth Leavel, Drew Leigh Williams, J. Alex Noble, Jerreme Rodriguez | Millicent presents a live preview of her show -- a musical adaptation of Oedipus Rex.

Demo tracks produced by Pittsburgh CLO (Mark Fleischer, executive producer)
Arrangements and Orchestrations by Frank Galgano & Matt Castle
Musical Direction: Matt Castle
Music Producer: Frank Galgano
Track Mixing: Matthias Winter
Recording Engineers: Daniel Alba, Jake Hanner, MP Kuo, Matthias Winter
Drums: Michael Blancaflor
Bass: George Farmer
Piano: Emily Whitaker
Guitar: Andrew Zinsmeister
Special thanks: Michael Croiter, Olivia O’Connor

"I Wear Many Hats"