SEP 25, 2015 – OCT 4, 2015 — CALL IT COURAGE retreat at Bingham Camp

October 4, 2015

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A week and a half in paradise at the inaugural Bingham Camp Theatre Retreat! A spectacular and beautiful new place for the development of new musicals, the Retreat is founded and led by Devanand Janki, who directs this fully staged workshop of CALL IT COURAGE, set against an idyllic backdrop of a huge valley brimming with fall foliage. We wake up every day, breathe in the crisp Connecticut air, and get to work! Culminating in two public performances on the 3rd and the 4th. The unbelievable/magnificent cast includes Tiffany Chalothorn, Silvan Friedman, Jeigh Madjus, Kelsey Ryan Moore, Luis Mora, Graham Stevens, Anne Fraser Thomas, Hansel Tan, and Tobias Wong. Music direction by Yan Li.

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