JUN 11, 2010 – SUPREMA reading at New Dramatists

Wonder WomanI play Captain Lance Trainor, a comic-book pilot hero, in this reading of the new musical SUPREMA at New Dramatists, directed by Sam Gold (Circle Mirror Transformation), with book/lyrics by Jordan Harrison and music/lyrics by Daniel Zaitchik.  Starring Douglas Sills (The Scarlet Pimpernel), Kerry O’Malley (Into the Woods, White Christmas), Kathy Voytko (The Pirate Queen, Nine), Betsy Wolfe (Everyday Rapture), and others, SUPREMA tells the story of William Moulton Marston, the man who invented the character Wonder Woman … and also lived in a polyamorous relationship with two women … and whose research on lie detection led to the development of the polygraph.  Who knew?!

JUL 14, 2010 – WE THE PEOPLE premieres at Lucille Lortel Theatre!

My song “The First Amendment” will appear in this new Theatreworks USA musical, running from July 8 to August 13 at the Lortel Theatre!

We The People logo

From the TWUSA website: Rock out with America’s original “boy band,” The Founding Fathers! Join Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Franklin as they trade in their powdered wigs for power chords to help an ambitious teen. On a quest to win her school election, Dawn cares more about padding her college applications than making her school a better place. With the help of these Fab Four, she discovers that “We the People” have the power to raise a patriotic ruckus and make a difference!   Jon Stewart meets the Jonas Brothers in  the world  premiere of WE THE PEOPLE: AMERICA ROCKS!, a hip new musical for the whole family.

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MAY 20, 2010 – BMI Smoker at the Actor’s Temple Theatre

Nicole Lewis (HAIR, LENNON) performs my song “A Singer Prepares,” a k a “Nothin’ Goin’ On Inside,” from my triptych of songs THE DOUBLE-THREAT TRIO (for an actor who can’t dance, a singer who can’t act, and a dancer who can’t sing) at this annual concert representing BMI’s “greatest hits” of the year.  Check out this song, and the other two from THE DOUBLE-THREAT TRIO, on my Song Store page!

APR 9, 2010 – CALL IT COURAGE premieres at ZACH!

Uri (Hannah Taylor) and Mafatu (Matthew Moore) on their new island.

Uri (Hannah Taylor) and Mafatu (Matthew Moore) on their new island.

The youth premiere production of CALL IT COURAGE opens at the Zachary Scott Theatre in Austin, TX, performed by the amazing Showstoppers under the excellent direction of Adam Roberts!  The show runs till May 9.

Mafatu’s name means “Stout Heart,” but he has lived his whole life in terror of the ocean. Now the time has come to face it. With his dog Uri, he climbs into a canoe and sets out on the sea to confront his fears. On the way he will battle sharks, boars, violent storms,Call it Courage and more. Will Mafatu survive to become the brave Chief he was meant to be, or will the sea conquer him after all? Join Mafatu on the journey of a lifetime in CALL IT COURAGE — a tale of excitement, adventure, and self-discovery on the stormy South Seas!

More info and news about the show!

Check out photos here!

Tavana Nui (Willie Casper) meets his son Mafatu (Sam Pearson), as Kana (Rachel Ravel) looks on.

Tavana Nui (Willie Casper) meets his son Mafatu (Sam Pearson), as Kana (Rachel Ravel) looks on.

NOV 7, 2009 – Stephanie J. Block records Adam’s song

Stephanie J. Block (9 to 5, Wicked) records Adam’s song (sung here by Rachel Potter and Ian Joseph, here by Leslie Henstock) for release on the upcoming CD No More Revivals, produced by the Tony Award-winning BMI Workshop.  Adam is a composer/lyricist in the Workshop, which provides a training ground for aspiring musical theater writers.  This is the Workshop’s first CD — make sure to look for it on iTunes in the next few months!