APR 9, 2010 – CALL IT COURAGE premieres at ZACH!

Uri (Hannah Taylor) and Mafatu (Matthew Moore) on their new island.

Uri (Hannah Taylor) and Mafatu (Matthew Moore) on their new island.

The youth premiere production of CALL IT COURAGE opens at the Zachary Scott Theatre in Austin, TX, performed by the amazing Showstoppers under the excellent direction of Adam Roberts!  The show runs till May 9.

Mafatu’s name means “Stout Heart,” but he has lived his whole life in terror of the ocean. Now the time has come to face it. With his dog Uri, he climbs into a canoe and sets out on the sea to confront his fears. On the way he will battle sharks, boars, violent storms,Call it Courage and more. Will Mafatu survive to become the brave Chief he was meant to be, or will the sea conquer him after all? Join Mafatu on the journey of a lifetime in CALL IT COURAGE — a tale of excitement, adventure, and self-discovery on the stormy South Seas!

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Tavana Nui (Willie Casper) meets his son Mafatu (Sam Pearson), as Kana (Rachel Ravel) looks on.

Tavana Nui (Willie Casper) meets his son Mafatu (Sam Pearson), as Kana (Rachel Ravel) looks on.

NOV 7, 2009 – Stephanie J. Block records Adam’s song

Stephanie J. Block (9 to 5, Wicked) records Adam’s song (sung here by Rachel Potter and Ian Joseph, here by Leslie Henstock) for release on the upcoming CD No More Revivals, produced by the Tony Award-winning BMI Workshop.  Adam is a composer/lyricist in the Workshop, which provides a training ground for aspiring musical theater writers.  This is the Workshop’s first CD — make sure to look for it on iTunes in the next few months!

JAN 5, 2009 – Original song in Joffrey Ballet benefit

The cast of DIRTY DANCING puts on a variety show to benefit the Joffrey Ballet.  Produced by Kaitlin Hopkins, who plays Marjorie Houseman in DIRTY DANCING, the benefit features performances by most of the cast, all doing material of their own choosing.  Adam writes and performs a number especially for the occasion: “By Way of Introduction,” where he introduces himself as an actor who sings … surrounded by this cast of dazzlingly stellar dancers.  Joining Adam in performing the song are DIRTY DANCING cast members Lauralyn McClelland, Charlie Logan, and Easton Smith, with choreography by Easton Smith.  The event is hosted by Joffrey alumna Britta Lazenga (Penny in DIRTY DANCING) and Gary Lynch (Moe Pressman in DIRTY DANCING).

JUN 12, 2008 – BMI Workshop Showcase

Adam performs the song “Women Leave” with Mick Bleyer at the BMI Workshop Showcase at the Snapple Theater Center.  The song, by Sara Wordsworth (lyrics) and LInda Dowdell (music), is from their musical CHINADOLL OVERDRIVE, adapted from the play by Michael P. Hidalgo.  Michael Bush directs and Craig Baldwin accompanies on piano.

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