AUG 2, 2014 – MY LIFE IS A MUSICAL gets raves at Bay Street Theater

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The world premiere production of MY LIFE IS A MUSICAL ran through August 31 in beautiful Sag Harbor, NY! Check out our rave reviews below!

NEW YORK TIMES:  “Adam Overett’s inspired new musical … Mr. Overett, creator of the music, lyrics and book, has a plot and a few heartfelt emotions to serve up. Not to worry, though: The show remains a lightweight confection.”  More at

NEWSDAY: “Actor-playwright Adam Overett, who has so far eluded fame and fortune, has written an infectiously clever musical … Strikes a refreshingly original boy-meets-girl pose. … As sung by Howie Michael Smith, accompanied by Vadim Feichtner’s rockin’ band, it’s impossible not to believe in the boyishly earnest intentions of his Parker. Directed with seemingly spontaneous choreographic precision by Marlo Hunter, Smith presents a huggably adorable nerd … This musical is a delightful surprise.”  More at

THEATERMANIA: “… The absolutely fantastic “My LIfe is a Musical”. Now running at Bay Street Theater, the show is an unbelievably funny and memorable experience. Book, music, and lyrics writer Adam Overett’s talent transcends that of many of his contemporaries. What an exhilarating night of theater!  More at

BROADWAYWORLD.COM: “The enthusiastic reception seems to indicate that tickets may be in short supply as the production continues its run. … Ms. Monteleone’s beautiful voice perfectly suits Mr. Overett’s catchy score. … A hilarious production and top notch cast make for a wonderful night of theatre.”  More at

NYTHEATREGUIDE.COM: “The music, lyrics and book are all written by Adam Overett, whose impressive talent is made abundantly clear.  Add to this the intelligent direction and fun choreography of Marlo Hunter and a fantastic evening of musical theater awaits you. … This is for musicals what the 2007 Disney film Enchanted was for fairy tales. … My Life is a Musical is everything you know and love about musicals, from the endearing to the ridiculous, all rolled into one. … I look forward to seeing what Mr. Overett will provide for us in the future. … This show is begging for Broadway.”  More at

WALKER VREELAND, 102.5 WBAZ: “A big, exhilarating, feel-good, laugh-out-loud smash hit. My Life is a Musical delivers nonstop hilarity, while telling a deeply touching and original story about self acceptance, finding one’s true voice and singing the song you’re meant to sing. It will keep you smiling, even laughing to yourself, long after you leave the theater.”

SAG HARBOR NEWS: “This young musical-comedy mastermind [Adam Overett] wrote book/music and lyrics for this world premiere of a delightfully silly musical that will lift your mood with its infectious good humor and wit. … [The dialogue is] often just as ingeniously funny and poetic as the non-stop rhyming lyrics. Both the muses of comedy and lyric poetry bestowed gifts on Mr. Overett. Watch for more from him. … The production at Bay Street is two-plus hours of hilarity. ‘Go!,’ as the song says. You will leave laughing.”  More at

SAG HARBOR ONLINE: “‘My Life is a Musical,’ making its world premiere in Sag Harbor, is one show that is guaranteed to make a fan of everyone who sees it. … Charming, clever, and full of heart, style and verve … Laugh-out-loud funny. The musical numbers are catchy and enthusiasm provoking. … Every single detail of this production—from the cheeky set to the cleverly utilized musicians, and far, far beyond—is an absolute winner. And judging from the very enthusiastic response of the audience on Saturday night, I’m definitely not alone in my thoughts. As the entire cast sings in the musical finale, ‘It’s the kind of show that I love.’ Nobody could say it any better than that.”  More at

EAST HAMPTON STAR: “A two-act tour de force, which is both satiric and sentimental with a bit of pop psychology, romance, and Marx Brothers mayhem. They’re ingredients for success.” More at‘My-Life-Musical’

DAN’S PAPERS: “Overett, who both scored and scripted My Life Is a Musical, has a bright theatrical future. His songs range from clever and wordy to soulful and poignant, while the increasingly ridiculous plot subverts musical theater conventions without mocking them. … It’s not necessary to be a fan of musical theater to love My Life Is a Musical. … A lovely score, a positive message, a wonderful cast and a slick production.” More at

HAMPTONS.COM: “[Bay Street Theater has] a very, very nice hit on their hands. … This young actor/playwright [Adam Overett] is definitely a talent to keep an eye on. The story is clean and simple, the music infectious and the lyrics clever, upbeat, and often very humorous. … A fun, engaging and feel good musical that is a perfect summer offering … A production that leaves its audiences smiling, laughing, singing and hopefully seeing reality, at least occasionally, as a musical.”  More at

THEATERLIFE.COM: “If laughter is good medicine for the soul, then the world premiere of “My Life is a Musical” at the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor, is an absolute overdose of fun. “My Life is a Musical” is a sendup of musicals, rock ‘n’ roll, rock critics, and anything else talented, young composer/lyricist/author Adam Overett can think of. … As with all good comedies, there is a dramatic spine to the piece that keeps it on track, and on point. … In its hysterical “no holds barred” satirizing of the musical art form- maybe instead of calling it a musical, we should call it a “comsical.” Whatever you call it, be ready to laugh.”  More at


Zach's Rise

Zach’s Rise

JAN 31, 2011 – My concert at the D-Lounge!

New York Theatre Barn presents NYTB IN THE D-LOUNGE with music of Adam Overett and Peter Saxe!

Monday, Jan 31 – 7:30pm
Daryl Roth Theatre @ Union Square East (Park Ave. South)
101 East 15th Street
$10 cover, 2 drink min, no reservations requiredOveretthighres

My half of the concert is called “ALL OVERETT” ….

Meet the Double-Threat Trio: three unfortunate performers who can’t master their third skill to save their lives.

Meet a starry-eyed young girl who wants to be a clinically insane Scottish murderess when she grows up.

Meet the grandson from Dirty Dancing (you know, the one with “two hotels”) and find out what he REALLY wants to say to the Jennifer Grey character.

Meet other people too. Oh, you don’t know them? YOU SHOULD.

They’ll be played by the likes of Elena Shaddow (La Cage Aux Folles), Amy Justman (Company), Amanda Leigh Cobb (The Importance of Being Earnest), Michael Lluberes (Dirty Dancing), Aspen Vincent (American Idiot), Jaclyn Huberman (I Love You Because), Kristine Reese (Wicked), Craig Laurie (Jersey Boys), F. Michael Haynie (We The People) and Adam (The Light in the Piazza) himself.

Direction by Dev Janki (Zanna Don’t), musical direction by Andy Einhorn (Sondheim on Sondheim).

Get Overett. ALL OVERETT. article

SEP 28, 2010 – CALL IT COURAGE nominated for Best Production, Best Script!

CIC Zach postcard - SamThe Zachary Scott Theatre production of CALL IT COURAGE in Austin, TX, wins 5 B. Iden Payne Award nominations: Outstanding Production of Youth Theatre, Outstanding Original Script (Adam Overett), Outstanding Director of Youth Theatre (Adam Roberts), Outstanding Choreographer (Adam Roberts), and Outstanding Young Performer (Alina Vega as Mother at some performances).  Congrats again to Adam Roberts, Zach Theatre, and the marvelous Showstoppers!

See the full list here!

JUL 14, 2010 – WE THE PEOPLE opens at Lucille Lortel

My song “The First Amendment” appears in the new musical WE THE PEOPLE: AMERICA ROCKS! … and even gets a shout-out from Theatremania!

“It’s Adam Overett’s ode to “The First Amendment” that may be the outstanding piece in the eight-number score.” — Theatremania (full review here)

Photo by Joan Marcus

Photo by Joan Marcus

Rock out with America’s original “boy band,” The Founding Fathers! Join Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Franklin as they trade in their powdered wigs for power chords to help an ambitious teen. On a quest to win her school election, Dawn cares more about padding her college applications than making her school a better place. With the help of these Fab Four, she discovers that “We the People” have the power to raise a patriotic ruckus and make a difference!   Jon Stewart meets the Jonas Brothers in  the world  premiere of WE THE PEOPLE: AMERICA ROCKS!, a hip new musical for the whole family.

Get your tix (FREE!) before it closes August 13!

APR 9, 2010 – CALL IT COURAGE premieres at ZACH!

Uri (Hannah Taylor) and Mafatu (Matthew Moore) on their new island.

Uri (Hannah Taylor) and Mafatu (Matthew Moore) on their new island.

The youth premiere production of CALL IT COURAGE opens at the Zachary Scott Theatre in Austin, TX, performed by the amazing Showstoppers under the excellent direction of Adam Roberts!  The show runs till May 9.

Mafatu’s name means “Stout Heart,” but he has lived his whole life in terror of the ocean. Now the time has come to face it. With his dog Uri, he climbs into a canoe and sets out on the sea to confront his fears. On the way he will battle sharks, boars, violent storms,Call it Courage and more. Will Mafatu survive to become the brave Chief he was meant to be, or will the sea conquer him after all? Join Mafatu on the journey of a lifetime in CALL IT COURAGE — a tale of excitement, adventure, and self-discovery on the stormy South Seas!

More info and news about the show!

Check out photos here!

Tavana Nui (Willie Casper) meets his son Mafatu (Sam Pearson), as Kana (Rachel Ravel) looks on.

Tavana Nui (Willie Casper) meets his son Mafatu (Sam Pearson), as Kana (Rachel Ravel) looks on.

Interview with

Visit to read about Adam’s inspirations, aspirations, and life in show business, from eight-hour record-listening marathons at age two, to his first performance as Fabrizio in THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA, to the ideal job he’d hold in another life (hint: U.S. Supreme Court justice) …